Research Projects

The Northern Network for the Study of the Crusades 

The network links together leading scholars in the north of England who work on all aspects of the crusades and related fields of enquiry. The Steering Committee consists of leaders in the respective fields from Manchester Metropolitan University, the universities of Hull, Leeds, Leicester, Liverpool and York, Nottingham Trent University and Lancaster University.

The Returning Soldier

History of Terrorism Research Network

This network connects historians in the UK and beyond who work on aspects of historical terrorism. Its focus is conceptual: the meaning and use of terrorism have changed over time, yet history can help us to understand this contested concept, how it has changed, and the significances of these changes, for both the histories of terrorism and the societies in which it operated.

Being Young on the Home Front

One hundred years on from one of the most devastating conflicts in our history – the First World War – multiple commemorations have taken place across the country. Many have taken well-trodden paths, while many others have sought to challenge our understanding of the war and its effects.

Interested in collaborating?

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