Research with us

The Histories and Cultures of Conflict research group, as part of Manchester Metropolitan University’s department of History, Politics & Philosophy, welcomes applications for PhD and research stays.

Researchers in the group specialise in the histories and cultures of conflict from ancient times to the present. We have particular interest in

  • Aftermaths of conflict and veterans’ histories, from the ancient to the modern periods
  • Arms and armaments in peace and wartime
  • The history of political violence, political extremism, and terrorism
  • Digital humanities and conflict
  • The challenges and dynamics of new modes of warfare

You can find information on how to apply to do a PhD or MA by Research here. For updated information on scholarships and funding support, click here.

Recent publications

Aveyard, S. (2023). ‘“Avoid it without the appearance of running away”: Northern Ireland, Israel-Palestine and the use of other conflicts, 1970-86’, Historical Research 96.274: 509-527.

Cross, G. (2022). ‘The meaning of Madingley: Anglo-American commemorative culture at the Cambridge American Military Cemetery’, Journal of Transatlantic Studies 20.1: 129-159.

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Fenemore, M. (2023). Dismembered Policing in Postwar Berlin: The Limits of Four-Power Government. Bloomsbury Publishing.

Fletcher, C. (2023). ‘Firearms and the state in sixteenth-century Italy: Gun proliferation and gun control’, Past and Present 260.1: 3-37.

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Morris, M. (2020). ‘“Girls who would fight”: Young women and the call to arms during the First World War’, in Histories, Memories and Representations of being Young in the First World War. Palgrave Macmillan.

Penalba-Sotorrio, M. (2022). ‘Cultural intervention in the Spanish Civil War: A comparative analysis of Nazi and Fascist propaganda’, Journal of Contemporary History 58.1: 26-49.

Phillips, G. (2023). ‘European cavalry, 1815-1871: The challenge of “Arms of Precision”‘, Nuova Antologia Militare 16.4: 91-116.

Roche, J. (2021). The Crusade of King Conrad III of Germany: Warfare and Diplomacy in Byzantium, Anatolia and Outremer, 1146-1148. Brepols.

Our PhD students

Dominic Barron Carter

The Politics of Participation: Reconstructing political movements by retracing the notion of participation from radical socio-political movements of 19th century Britain to the present day.

David Jellas

Understanding the Origin of the Bosnian-Croats and the Bosniaks War 1992-1994 during the wider war in Bosnia (1992-95)

Mohemed Hagi Mahamoud

Turkey’s Strategic Advantage in Sub-Saharan Africa: The Effects of Reciprocity and the Continuing Viability of the Engagement​

Katrina Ingram

Veterans in Medieval Literature (AHRC NWCDTP Consortium Funded)​

Daniel Bennett

US-Russia Relations post-Cold War 

Luke Quinn

Mongol Involvement in the Crusades

Abdel Majid Mohammad Al-Adwan

The Arabs and the Current Definition of Aggression in International Law

Stephen Roberts

The Great War and the People of Wirral in Cheshire c.1911-1925

Jake Sheppard

Race, Nation and Memory in England and America: CSS Alabama and the ‘Anglo-American Commons’, c. 1860-1914

Former students

Ian Bass

The Crozier and the Cross: Crusading and the English Episcopate, c.1170–1313

Owen Rees

Trauma in Transition: Moving from Domestic to Military Service, and back again, in Classical Athens